For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 27

August 4, 1947 – August 4, 2019

This website is dedicated to the memory of our dad, Ed Faustina. He was the best of the best, a role model and protector. Dad would encourage curiosity and teach responsibility.  A man who led by example, lived congruent to his values and had a work ethic that is unmatched. His love for life and for his family will live on in our hearts and in the hearts of generations to come, and that is the greatest gift he has given to the world.

A blessing from the generations that proceeded him and a hope we have today in the reunion yet to come…

“May the road rise to meet you,

and the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine down warm upon your face

and the rains fall softly upon your fields.

And until we meet again, my friend,

May God hold you gently in the palm of his hand.


Information on the memorial service is just below.

Service Information Hope In The Promise

Celebration of Life Service for

Edmond William Faustina

A Memorial Service for Ed Faustina

Saturday, September 28, 2019

11:00 am

Our Savior Lutheran Church

1385 S Livermore Ave, Livermore, CA 94550

Rev. Kevin Austin, Presiding

Reception Immediately Following

Please join us for a reception immediately following the service at the

Pleasanton Senior Center, 5353 Sunol Blvd, Pleasanton, CA 94566.


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A few memories to dry the tears. Peace In The Photos

The Life and Legacy of My Dad Obituary

Forever, Remembered

Ed Faustina

Edmond William Faustina

August 4, 1947- August 4, 2019

“If you give 110% then no matter the outcome, you can be proud of what you accomplished and walk with your head held high.”

As a foreshadow to the end of a life that although not famously remembered, his life is celebrated by those who knew him. Countless would seem fitting and far more than he would take credit for yet in each instance a life was uplifted, worth confirmed. The many motivational quips and directives each held a special meaning coming from a man who was as humble as he was strong. “When my time comes, I want to know that I did it my way on my terms.” On Sunday, August 4, 2019, the time arrived for Edmond William Faustina, Jr. of Pleasanton, who passed on the day of his 72nd birthday, having lived life his way, with a faith that guarantees eternity and a family that only knows the expression of love.

Ed was born to Edmond and Esther Faustina (Andrade), August 4, 1947, in San Leandro, California. He graduated from San Leandro High School in 1965. It was at San Leandro High that Eddie, as his dad used to call him, first met what was soon to be his wife of 54 years, Sharon Louise. He often told the story of how he very firmly urged another classmate to not dance with Sharon and maybe it was his star athlete presence or possibly just destiny, Eddie was the only man to dance with Sharon that night. Ed and Sharon have been synonymous as much so as their two lifelong friends, who also met at SLHS, married and moved to Pleasanton.

In 1971 Ed moved his then two children, wife, and two malamute huskies to Pleasanton. There was hardly a night that Ed was not out in his front yard talking with neighbors and gazing at the glowing colors of the painted sunset sky.



“At the end of the day, all you have got to count on is family.”

He leaves as his legacy four children: Donna Kimmel (David) of San Ramon, Steven Patrick Faustina (Kelly) of Temecula, and identical twins David Patrick Faustina (Eric), and Daniel Patrick Faustina (Jessica). To the four children and their spouses, Ed was not just a father, he was dad. The kind of dad that saw the importance of sitting for dinner as a family, coaching youth teams and attending school field trips. He asked questions and he listened, offered perspective and in tough times, he never let anyone go at it alone, he remained present.

His legacy continues with a title he cherished most. To six he is known as Papa: Adam, Grant, Brody Patrick, Kayla, Danica, and William Patrick,  his namesake. His presence at first communions, sports games and birthdays or the trips to the Dairy for ice cream showed them that the simple things are what made life the best. Didn’t you know that “ice cream coats the stomach” like when you feel ill or maybe just ate too much?

He is a proud Papa and forever his spirit will live on in each one of them.

“The door is always open unless it’s closed then go home.”

Ed played football for Chabot College for a season. At the same time, he started work at Berkeley Farms in transportation, following the footsteps of his dad who worked for the diary for 42 years. Ed worked for Berkeley Farms for 44 years until his retirement in May of 2010. He worked his way to Transportation Manager and continued to be the shop steward and member of the Teamsters. Work was a necessary means to provide a life that was secure and comfortablefor his family. He was the kind of man who worked seven days a week while putting his two twin sons through college and not once letting them know of this sacrifice. Throughout his career, he would begin work at 2:30 am to ensure he would be able to be home in the evening to volunteer as a coach, several years in soccer and baseball, and over 30 years with the Pleasanton Junior Football League.

If your heart isn’t in it, take off your helmet and walk home. You can’t win unless your heart and head both want to win.

On the field, Coach Ed was tough and pushed his team towards excellence. Offthe field he was like a second father to many young men who often sought Ed’s sound advice and honest feedback, even if brutally honest, it was always out of genuine care for the person. Sometimes the advice was to “pull your head out of your…” and other times it was “if I didn’t feel you were worth my time, I wouldn’t be out here. Well, here I am.” It was his being present that defined the core of his heart, he made everyone feel that they were important. “Everyone deserves to be treated right” was his belief and he would not tolerate anyone mistreating someone else.

Ed and Sharon at a fundraiser for Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission on the CBS Studio Lot in Los Angeles (2015

Ed volunteered off the field as well. As an Advisor to Key Club, Ed accompanied high school students to conferences throughout California. He then was asked to step onto the Board of Directors for the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Northern California Chapter. As Director of Junior Crew, Ed was quickly tapped by the national team to help design alumni programs for student ambassadors. It was a highlight for him when invited by Hugh O’Brian to attend several national committee meetings and Hugh commented that “Ed is a straight shooter and you know why everyone respects him.”

“Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened.”

Avid San Francisco Giants Fan, Ed apparently not only endured walking to and from school uphill when he was a kid, but he also was a Giants fan long before “these fair-weather fans” who “would never sit in the freezing cold at the Stick when they couldn’t win a game.” Same with the 49ers, and yes he used to watch them at Kezar Stadium, a few may remember the two-year relocation. He loved life and life seemed to love him back with the perfect weather while walking the beach at sunset in his favorite vacation spot, Pismo Beach. Ed and Sharon introduced many people Pismo and soon Thanksgiving started with an Old West Cinnamon Roll and ended with pumpkin pie a la mode. If Webster’s sought to define a person who made things happen, it would include Ed Faustina. He had a curiosity that would push him to open doors with “Restricted Entry” signage; closed signs, a mere suggestion. He was curious to learn and experience life, never taking more than he gave and in most cases, giving more than ever received.


“You can be happy with your accomplishments, but never be satisfied.”

In the fourth and final quarter of Ed’s life, he finally went. to college in the most incredible way. A wise man who read the newspaper cover to cover daily knew more about politics, business, and trade as well as mechanics, cement laying and geography. Impressive but UC Berkeley was more impressed with his time spent on the field. For the past 14 seasons, Ed put on his Pac-12 uniform and worked on the Cal Bear sideline on the official chain crew. Ed became a fixture on those sidelines, having outlasted three coaching staff changes, and many players. This was a dream for him and a great source of pride. His family always said, “Dad finally is doing something for himself.” The sideline was where Ed spent his life, always finding ways to build up others. He gave so much that in the end, his heart had given all it could give. For those who experienced it, the world became a happier place


“Nothing You Can Do Will Ever Make Me Stop Loving You.” 


The man who knew not a stranger exemplified some of the bravest and most honorable traits all who knew him experienced, kind yet not foolish, tough and always purposeful, patient and slow if ever to anger. His motto “too blessed to be stressed.” His often unsolicited words of wisdom always seemed to be the exact thing that needed to be heard. He was a just man who believed that everyone deserved to be treated right. As many who knew him can attest, nothing intimidated Ed. He would tell his eldest grandsons, “remember when the door closes everyone squats the same.” A just man who worked hard his entire life to ensure his family could live in a city like Pleasanton and have opportunities to live the best life. It was his easy approach and common sense ways that made it easy to know him and love him, yet he would be the one to say how blessed he was to have known you.


“That is God’s way of letting us know that he is with us and showing us how beautiful it will be in heaven.”


A man who was so very present. A man who loved his wife and never missed an opportunity to let her know how beautiful she is. A dad who by example taught compassion and common sense, a papa who was a best friend and role model, a friend who never turned his back and walked away.


Papa, why does the sky look like that now? Looking up at the sunset filled sky he smiled as he answered, “God is showing us how beautiful it will be in heaven.” Ed will forever be remembered for not only his stories, life lessons, and humor, but he will be remembered because of the way he made you feel when he was around. Look up to the sky and see the brushstroke of heaven letting those who mourn smile and find comfort that heaven is more beautiful with the arrival of Edmond William Faustina, Jr.

Hey Pal…we miss the heck out of you already.You will forever be in our hearts…

and the man we admire and respect most. Love you, Dad.

Old Pals

“I could not have asked for a better life than the one I have now. And I have a beautiful wife.”


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You are not wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.”

Garth Brooks